Shinbog Rotary Bus Terminal (Oct. 2016)

For UNIST researchers living on or off campus, e.g., Guyeong-ri, the bus terminal at Shinbog rotary might be the most convenient terminal to travel through Korea. The buses 304, 307 and 733 pass by the Rotary on their way to Ulsan University.

Location of the bus terminal

The following pictures will give you information about the bus departure times from terminals in the city center. All buses will arrive at Shinbog Rotary about 15-25 minutes later.

You see, it’s important to learn the korean alphabet, else you might miss the right bus. 😉 Most of buses state their destinations at the front window in korean letters (read top to bottom), or at the side windows (official romanization). A little bit of language practice makes things easier with time. Enjoy your trip!

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